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Top Battle Event Ranking [December, January & February]

Kill Points
1 KaerMorhen Lord Emperor 2721 89
2 AShadoOow Grand Master 1316 37
3 #Ultron Lord Emperor 270 17
4 #ReneGon Duel Master 392 9
5 #Maxpupkin Grand Master 92 7
6 #DangerouS Duel Master 43 4
7 #Kaizebo Grand Master 24 2
8 CoKoJl High Elf 49 2
9 ReneGon Grand Master 36 2
10 D!eHarD Grand Master 7 1

Next scheduled restart for this ranking is on February 28, 2020

The winners for September, October & November 2021 here

Battle Event from now on will be having 3-Month PVP Ranking on our server for [March, April & May], [June, July & August], [September, October & November], [December, January & February] and so on and on every 3 months!

Battle Event is an PVP Event, scheduled 3 times per day. Event takes place in Devias PVP Arena at 8 AM, 1 PM and 8 PM (UTC+3).

:: Important Notes ::
- Minimum number of 4 registered players for the event to start;
- Registration works by typing in-game command: /pvp

- The Event registration is open only for 5 minutes after announce in-game golden message: "Battle Event will start in 5 minutes!"
- Once you see golden message: "Battle Event has started!" you will be teleported to the battle zone and you must kill everyone around you and survive for 10 minutes.
- If your character dies upon fight it will respawn within 5 seconds to the battle zone.
- The player with most kills wins the event +1 Win to the rank list and gets automatically classification for the 3-Month PVP Ranking for Uber Set reward.
- If you wish to give up from event execute command /unpvp if you already typed /pvp command and if the event already has started you can switch character or Re-Log from your account. Event Time Frame: 10 Minutes.
Event Mission: Kill as much as you can to win the event.
Event Rules: Free For All Fight.
Daily Event Prize: 100 Credits.
Every 3-Month Prize: Top 1 Player will receive Uber Set Tier-1 + (Uber Weapon + Uber Accessory Tier-1 or 3 Uber Accessories) by choice and place in Hall of Fame! Top 2-10 shall receive consolations depending on the administration.
Top 2 & Top 3 players shall receive $25.00 in items, achievements or gold credits by their choice.

Consolation prizes: consolations are calculated in this order: if you have 7 wins, you will receive 7,000 Gold Credits for the webshop unless you are in the top 3.

:: Event Rules ::
Please read the rules and follow them in order to play and win with fairplay. We don't accept excuses like "I didn't know about these rules".

1. Players are not allowed to play in a team;

2. Players are not allowed to use different Buffs than their class buff otherwise they will be disqualified and banned. e.g. BK Swell Buff if you are BK, SM Mana Shield if you are SM, DL Crit Buff in case you are DL, Elf buffs if you are ELF;

3. You must attack everyone and if you are reported with video or GM caught you playing in team you will be automatically disqualified from the 3 months event.

4. Party is strictly forbidden in the Battle Event;

5. For the elves is strictly forbdiden to buffs anyone in the event, they will be banned permanently from the server by character and her main account for a week; Elves are still allowed to play the event;

6. Players are not allowed to participate for top 3 rewards with other characters if they are already in top 3.

7. InfinityMU Staff reserves the rights to disqualify any player without any proof.

All character classes are welcome. Good Luck Infinity PK Maniacs! For everyone who strives to earn Uber Set this is your time!

Winners of September, October & November

Kill Points
1!Bontzovi!Grand Master115648
2#R[u]shGrand Master113643
3#ReneGonDuel Master146939
4KaerMorhenLord Emperor58131
5[A]ureliusLord Emperor80429
6maestrulySGrand Master73826
7ArroguntGrand Master53621
8LemonHazeGrand Master28512
9IShenIGrand Master1758
10#MaxpupkinGrand Master2355

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