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Monthly Devil Square Ranking

1 #Delvill Magic Gladiator 13,237,782
2 Faptain Dark Lord 7,103,692
3 pvp WildGoat Duel Master 6,741,528
4 1noName1 Lord Emperor 640,122
5 pvp stefanSM Grand Master 497,166
6 Oprimus Magic Gladiator 283,080
7 K1LLeRok Blade Master 216,460
8 Mentality Magic Gladiator 151,464
9 NOFX Duel Master 105,372
10 VioLeNCe Grand Master 98,184
11 pvp FatherMS Grand Master 95,304
12 pvp KakuLacis Magic Gladiator 93,324
13 Antonio Grand Master 85,296
14 TooL Duel Master 51,384
15 Akoto10 Grand Master 46,512
16 Wizward Soul Master 32,376
17 MG17 Magic Gladiator 27,564
18 oBMo Blade Knight 16,312

Next scheduled restart for this ranking is on December 31, 2018


This is monthly ranking for the most active players in Devil Square Event in our server. At the end of every month, the players with at least 10,000,000 Millions of Points in our ranking will receive a special bonuses, Credits packs for our WebShop.

Minimum DS Points is: 10,000,000 Score for the month. Who ever is below 10,000,000 Score will not be rewarded for the month and the ranking will be reset and competition starts all over again for the next month!

200,000,000 DS Points : 10,000 Credits
100,000,000 DS Points : 5,000 Credits
10,000,000 DS Points : 2,000 Credits

-The ranking is reseted at the end of every month and the winners are defined right after the restart.
-The bonuses are added within a time zone of 24 hours after the winners are chosen.

The winners from November 2016 here
     What's the use of the vPoints?


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