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Monthly Golden Archer Ranking

Registered Renas
1 vip Eminem20 Dark Wizard 181
2 UnGaS Duel Master 100
3 Server 1 claudyuSM Grand Master 30
4 Compound Grand Master 14
5 RadZ Soul Master 14
6 Server 1 GOD8 Soul Master 12
7 Server 1 Hlias Magic Gladiator 10
8 Linch Muse Elf 4
9 TheHusbanD Soul Master 3
10 Server 1 HobitMG Grand Master 3
11 Server 1 Tesei Duel Master 2
12 Rhom Blade Master 1
13 KUTATAXOA Blade Master 1
14 BMDraculax Grand Master 0
15 MrFaja Dark Knight 0
16 ernie77 Dark Knight 0
17 emerdon Grand Master 0
18 ELjoseitoz Dark Knight 0
19 SoulWizard Dark Knight 0
20 KisSElf Soul Master 0

Next scheduled restart for this ranking is on January 31, 2018


This is monthly ranking for the most active Rena collectors at the game. In the end of every month, the players in our ranking with at least 100 Rena will receive a special bonus - 2,000 Credits for our WebShop.
Minimum Registered Rena count is: 100 for the month. Who ever is below 100 Rena's will not be rewarded for the month and the ranking will be reset then competition starts all over again for the next month!

- You can find Rena in: Box of Heaven, Box of Luck, Heart of Love, Gold/Silver Medal, Firecracker, Star of Sacred Birth and Monsters drop.
- You can register your Rena in Lorencia, coordinates 130 133 (Golden Archer).
- The ranking is restarted at the end of every month and the winners are defined right after the restart.
- The bonuses are added within a time zone of 24 hours after the winners are chosen.

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