Download MuOnline Client

In order to play you need to download our client. You can download it from any of the links below.



1. Download and install the game (you need to make sure you have administrator rights on your computer).

2. If you are not registered at the server, then please, register (it only takes a few minutes)!

3. Log into the game by starting mu.exe and using the user name and password you used at the registration. Choose 100x Edition servers group to login!

- In case your launcher failed to update, please download this Rar archive and extract it to your client and then start AutoUpdate.EXE in order to update your client to the latest version.
- To be able to extract the RAR archive please download WinRAR software from here: Click me
- You can always contact us regarding any matters.

Small Client (without sounds or music) click here to download.
Anti-Lag Patch (reduces effects/gamma) click here to download or here.
     What's the use of the vPoints?


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