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Banned Characters / Banned Accounts

Characters who have breached the game rules.

# Character Ban Time Expire In Reason Banned by
1. SandzaBM Day(s) 0 Hour(s) [info]
2. BlackMist Day(s) 0 Hour(s) [info]
3. Doru Day(s) 0 Hour(s) [info]
4. Roxana Day(s) 0 Hour(s) [info]
5. Sava Day(s) 0 Hour(s) [info]
6. Diagla Day(s) 0 Hour(s) [info]
7. Raul Day(s) 0 Hour(s) [info]

If you think that your character is banned for no sense reason you can contact us and provide only GENUINE proof in proper english to e-mail address: support(at)infinitymuonline(dot)com.
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